Drain Services

Drain Services

Drains and pipes can become clogged for a number of reasons. We know it can be difficult when you have a clogged pipe or drain.  When you are in your home or business, you always want your plumbing systems to work properly.  Don’t worry, Bear Repairs offers drain services should you ever have a plumbing problem.

Our drain and pipe services include:

  1. Rodding/Snake Lines
  2. Backed Up Drains
  3. Slow drains
  4. Sewer Odors
  5. Leaking water
  6. Sewer Service
  7. Fix Broken Seals
  8. Remove Tree Roots
  9. Clean Grease Buildup
  10. Fix Blockages
plumbing drains

Here are some of the solutions to your drain problems.

  1. We can use an electric cable or snake to clear up any pipe issues. Cables can get to the root of the problem and remove the cause of a stoppage. After we snake the pipe and clear the blockage, we can use a video camera to make sure all is clear.  We will make sure that your home or business is safe to operate all plumbing fixtures again when we are done with the snake or cable process.
  2. We can also perform spot or sectional plumbing pipe repairs. If the above method is not successful in the cable or snake process, we can fix a certain section or spot in the plumbing.  We will make sure to put everything back together correctly to ensure proper plumbing operation.
  3. If the cable, snake, or spot repair doesn’t work, we can completely replace the pipes or drains.  Our experienced plumbers can remove, install, and clean up the work so it looks like we were never there performing any work.  We will restore the original plumbing like its brand new.

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